Meet Florence, founder and director of grOWN IT.

Florence has been working as an educator, facilitator and

researcher in food science, cooking, food sustainability, food

security and food equality for 8 years, is an active member of

the Bristol food movement and delivers in partnership with

some of the cities most inspiring and pioneering food

entrepreneurs and advocates.

She won a bursary from the Bristol Good Food Awards to develop

her vision for grOWN IT in 2018. 

In 2019 she became an Associate Fellow with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. 

She has delivered her workshops to a breadth of audiences, from schools and teacher conferences to business groups, from public spaces to festival crowds. 


workshop was

truly exciting, engaging

and inspiring.

grOWN IT should be a

nailed on part of education.

It threads together and

opens up learning which

is invaluable to our lives

but missing from

our schools".

“As educators we always appreciate specialists bringing a topic alive but Florence managed more than this… she adds depth and breadth to ‘food production’, broadening the minds of the children so that they learn lessons from how we produced food in the past and how we could make massive improvements in the future.  She also worked with our eco committee and our sustainability policy as well so she is versatile – able to do more than just offer workshops.”

"I am driven by my passion for environmental and social justice and my conviction that food is the most powerful, readily available and delicious way to achieve this! I love to teach and to share this passion with people of all ages and backgrounds, whatever their understanding of food and sustainability is."

Please contact Florence at or on 07881 581841

with any questions you may have 

about grOWN IT

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