A city whose youth are actively and passionately engaged in food, sustainability and equality, and who are empowered to drive change.

We grow innovators, educators, leaders and change makers, whilst inspiring all to create a just and sustainable local food system.

grOWN IT delivers fun, hands-on, solutions-based workshops for young people in schools and youth groups, inspiring engagement in food systems, sustainability and urban agriculture. Crucially, we empower young people to be the producers of their future and the leaders of change.

We also work with businesses and corporate groups, delivering workshops to develop staff awareness around food choices relating both to environment and sustainability and to health and wellbeing, and supporting businesses in their food procurement. 


T: 07881 581841

E: info@grownit.org.uk

How can you support your staff to make
 healthier & more sustainable food choices?
    Half day & lunchtime workshops for business & corporate groups.

Educate,  inspire & empower your team to engage with your organisation’s sustainability journey & to be part of building a just & nourishing future.

Our workshops: 

Increase agency & engagement.  Encourage co-creation of sustainable practices.  Lead to improved wellbeing. 


Practical, actionable solutions & ideas.

Interactive, hands-on & team building. 

Featured guest speakers from Bristol’s inspiring

food & farming community.

Our work with corporate groups supports our work with young people.

By investing in your staff and sustainability you will also be supporting a

local educational enterprise working with young people to build a better future.

You will be part of the movement towards a sustainable, secure and resilient food future for Bristol.

​Through our workshop your staff will:

  • Learn about the current food climate, the impact of food on our lives and environment and the challenges we face

  • Learn about innovative urban farming technologies

  • Explore the psychology of food choices and how we choose what we eat

  • Compete in teams to build aquaponic kits without instruction

  • Be inspired to make food choices that are better for the environment and for their health and wellbeing

  • Hear from a guest speaker from Bristol inspiring food and farming community

  • Leave with actionable solutions to building a sustainable food future

and your organisation will:

  • Benefit from higher job satisfaction through learning programmes

  • Be investing in the health and wellbeing of staff

  • Support youth development and invest in creating a sustainable food future in Bristol