A city whose youth are 

actively and passionately

engaged in food, sustainability

and equality, and who are empowered to drive change.


We grow innovators, educators, leaders and change makers, whilst inspiring all to create

a just and sustainable

local food system.

What We Do

   grOWN IT delivers fun, hands-on, solution focused workshops for young people in schools and youth groups, inspiring engagement in food systems, sustainability and urban agriculture. 


  We also work with businesses and corporate groups,  delivering workshops to develop staff awareness around food choices relating both to environment and sustainability and to health and wellbeing, and supporting businesses in their food procurement. 

  Crucially, we empower young people to be the producers of their future and the leaders of change.

Why We Do It

   A food system that is destroying our planet and wasting precious resources, that leaves one  billion hungry and one billion overweight, and that prioritises profit over our health, our planet and our future, not to mention profit over taste!

   We've created a food system that doesn't add up. 

  We know we can do better. And we know that we owe it to young people to help them make a glorious, nourishing future a reality.

Our food system is

responsible for 30-40% of

global Greenhouse Gas emissions


The average age of a UK farmer is 59


Between 45,000 - 70,000 people in

Bristol are food insecure


UK imports 75% of all fruit and vegetables


Screen time among UK teenagers

averages 9 hours a day


9% of young people in the

UK feel they have nothing

to live for

  It's going to take inventors, growers, campaigners, advocates, politicians and a whole lot of knowledge and passion.

  So here at grOWN IT we are ready to start sowing the seeds of this future; arming our youth with the knowledge and attitudes they'll need to show us how it should have been done.

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