We offer a range of workshops for children from KS2 to KS4, covering a variety of topics, including key curriculum content. We can discuss and adapt to tie in with your topics and themes, or bring our expertise and deliver one of our carefully crafted sessions.

  We offer one-off sessions, workshops series that can include installation of a classroom aquaponic unit, short activities for Science and Earth Days and assemblies.


                Through creative and engaging methods we:


  • Create understanding of current food systems and their impact on the environment and health

  • Use hydro- and aquaponics as in-class, all-season growing projects to teach biology, botany, engineering, chemistry, ecology, nutrition and cookery

  • Teach the advantages of urban farming and localised food systems, with significant focus on the equity of food access in cities and food justice as a concept

  • Encourage behaviour change with regards to food choices 

  • Develop creative problem-solving, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking

  • Develop teamwork and leadership

  • Raise social awareness and engagement

  • Encourage active citizenship.


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