A city whose youth are actively and passionately engaged in food, sustainability and equality, and who are empowered to drive change.

We grow innovators, educators, leaders and change makers, whilst inspiring all to create a just and sustainable local food system.

grOWN IT delivers fun, hands-on, solutions-based workshops for young people in schools and youth groups, inspiring engagement in food systems, sustainability and urban agriculture. Crucially, we empower young people to be the producers of their future and the leaders of change.

We also work with businesses and corporate groups, delivering workshops to develop staff awareness around food choices relating both to environment and sustainability and to health and wellbeing, and supporting businesses in their food procurement. 


T: 07881 581841

E: info@grownit.org.uk




   We offer a range of workshops for children from KS2 to KS4, covering a variety of topics,

including key curriculum content. We can discuss and adapt to tie in with your topics and

themes, or bring our expertise and deliver one of our carefully crafted sessions.

Workshop series

One-off workshops


Games & activities



We offer:

 We offer one-off sessions, workshops series that can include installation of a                                               classroom aquaponic unit, short activities for Science and Earth Days and assemblies.


Through creative and engaging methods we:
  Create understanding of current food systems and their impact on the                       environment and health
     Use hydro- and aquaponics as in-class, all-season growing projects to teach            biology, botany, engineering, chemistry, ecology, nutrition and cookery
    Teach the advantages of urban farming and localised food systems, with a              significant focus on the equity of food access in cities and food justice as a   concept


               Encourage behaviour change with regards to food choices
           Develop creative problem-solving, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking 
     Develop teamwork and leadership 
  Raise social awareness and engagement
Encourage active citizenship.

We are able to tailor workshops to your needs.

      Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

We also have a family workshop designed as a unique co-learning experience

      for children and their adults.